Welcome to One World State of Mind!

Hi! I’m Carissa Owens. I am a California native, with a One World State of Mind. I created this space to share my love for travel, photography and adventures with like-minded people. Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with far off places. I am excited to share all of my adventures with you! Here are some of my favorite so far:



Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge at Twilight!


Enjoying the view of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA

Mekong River 2 Cruisin’ down the Mekong River in a slow boat.


Bungee Jumping – Something I NEVER thought I would do!

One World

Frolicking in the hills – Santa Ynez, California


I hope you enjoy following along with me on all of my adventures to come!

xoxo Carissa